Buying the right boiler for the size of your company can be a daunting task especially if you have no expertise in this area.  You can easily buy a packaged deal but knowing what you need, what you can afford, and how to get the most for your money may take some research and consulting with professionals who are experts in the industry niche.  You’ll find some boilers come with features that you need, other things that you won’t use, and still others have features that you’ll want to add when your budget allows it.  Let’s take a look at some handy tips for buying the right boiler system for your company.



    • Consider what you want the boiler to do for your business. Do you want low pressure or high pressure steam?  Does your company need heating, hot water or water of an extremely high temperature?  All of these facts will go into helping you to discuss with your supplier the right boiler for your requirements.
    • What size boiler system do you need? You’ll want to be able to discuss your production methods, the amount of water that’s needed, and if you need steam in the applications that you use to produce your goods and services.  The size of boiler that you buy will be a personal preference based on the needs of your production lines.

  • Will the boiler that you purchase come with a warranty and can you count on your supplier to provide quality maintenance for your system? Make your purchase from a reliable company that has years of experience and qualified and well-trained technicians who can attend to any emergencies that arise.
  • Think about the type of fuel that you’ll be using For Boilers. Whether you’re using natural gas, propane, coal, wood, fuel oil, or a combination of them, you will want to use what’s available and most economical for the applications which you’ll be using.
  • You should also consider the type of air system that you will be using. Will you use a forced draft method?  This type of air system is more efficient and somewhat more expensive but will be a more environmentally-friendly solution.
  • You should also think about you’re going to vent the boiler and introduce fresh air. You can always use a fan system to assist in the ventilation of your unit.

One of the most important facts about buying a new boiler system is the maintenance that is performed after the unit has been installed.  You’ll want properly trained and experienced professionals to offer you support and do the repairs and inspections that are required.  Of course, only the appropriate parts should be installed when replacing worn or damaged equipment; should you partner with the experts at city gas services you’ll get only top quality service and support that is second to none. 

Knowing which boiler system will meet your company’s specifications is important as you enter into the buying process.  Don’t hesitate to consult professionals along the way so that you’ll invest your money wisely and have a system that keeps your business operations and production lines running smoothly every day.